November 12. 2019


Too many meetings

Once a month instead of weekly (Thursday)


Another meeting (finances)

Leadership meetings are 

What can be said in a meeting

Recommendation on building a culture in my center where we are succeeding support each other

Meeting blueprint

Culture drives revenue


Staff taking constructive criticism wrong


High level

*Grocery store example* 

TSA precheck concept 

Precheck status = trust

11:48 Fragmented trust/no trust every single conversation is a confrontation

The leader is always a reflection of the team


We need to have successful moments

Show them gratitude

2 things sink ships

Are you onboard?

Slow down


Disconnect about with teach

Mindset she’s operating from

No consistent routine

We hear feedback from trusted advisors

Take a break from routine and level up. What is the root cause? Do you want to become better at your craft? Yes or no question

Hard conversation



Implement appropriate curriculum 

Rate 1-10 (3 areas)

How do you think you can get to an 8 in 2 0r 3 areas.

Operating from observations and not gut


Teachers honeymoon phase over

Affecting the class environment

Teachers don’t know what it looks like to solve problems

  1. What qualities to do they like

(lead with gratitude) 

  1. What are 2 ways you are contributing to the problem

  2. What are 2 solutions 

You have to facilitate the meeting and set ground rules

Everyone will get a chance to share

No interruption and no defense

Code word - “couch”

This is the framework

Every problem that is happening 

Teaching teams need a way to hold each other accountable when they feel vale and appreciated 


Hiring directors out of house

Onboarding for directors

  1. What are super clear on outcome goals in the first 30 days (2-3)

  2. Daily meeting for 20 minutes

  • What did you do yesterday

  • What road blocks did you encounter

  • What will you do today

Fun meet and greet staff meeting. Director to create an agenda

FB - post in the group


How to get younger staff to implement get them out.

Parent bucket to leveling up

Teacher leveling

  • Teacher: teacher

  • Teacher: parent

  • Teacher: child

  • Teacher: self

Set up a plan

They need the awareness --->teacher audit

Follow up with a question an if she if she can’t answer in 60 seconds

Consistent gratitude before audit 

PRINT AUDIT - teachers section & FB group 

6 or below/ 8 or above

Roadmap for parent relationships